What is a “Shitty" Film?

Well truly, that's up to you to decide. But we like to describe it as.... 

A zero budget film, made with a community, using the resources that are around them, 

focusing on creating something for fun and for people to enjoy.

How do I make a “Shitty” Film?

Use whatever you can find. Don’t have something, get creative. These are No Budget films.

When can I register for SFF4?

You can register a team in person at our Festival Launch Party.

Date: Sunday, June 2nd/2019

…okay, but what if i can’t make it to the launch party?

If any keywords are left over from the Launch Party, you can register ONLINE

Date: Monday, June 3rd/2019

…what if all the keywords are gone?

We can add your prospective team to a Waitlist (pending any teams withdraw from the festival.)

What does my team get when we register?

A Keyword to be incorporated into your short film

and a Producer Ticket for each Producer to the Festival Screening Event

…What if WE register and don't end up making a film?

It happens, IF you give us enough notice we can contact a waitlisted team

and hopefully the keyword gets used by another team

…Do we still get to attend the screening event?

Any team that fails to deliver a film is encouraged to purchase a General Admission Ticket,

as the Producer Tickets are only valid for participating Producers

If I submit a film, will it get screened?

If your film is submitted on time, doesn’t break any of the rules and receives C.A.B. approval. yes!


Yeah, Content Advisory Board, a panel of diverse members watch the films and flag any potential bummers.

…What happens if the c.a.b. flag my film?

Fear not, if we believe there to be no malicious intent in the content, we will try to work with you on clean version.

How do I submit a film?

Upon completing team registration, you will receive a exclusive link for digital storage.

…Can I submit a film that is longer than 2 minutes?

Edit it down to 2 minutes or less.

We want to ensure as many films as possible are screened.

…okay, but what about my credits?

It is appreciated that you recognize and thank those who worked on the project.

10 extra seconds are allotted strictly for credits.

…What format should I send?

mp4 or mov will be accepted.

Are there any awards at the Screening Event?

Yes, and they mean absolutely nothing, if you had fun making a movie... you win